Frequently asked questions

SMS the word REGISTER to 31888

R11.70 per month subscription.

R1.84 per search from your cellphone.

R1.08 per search from your internet.

SMS - SMS the words: FIND 082XXXXXXX to 31888 or USSD - Dial *120*888*082XXXXXXX#

Internet - Login on this website using your mobile number and Vodacom Look 4 me™ PIN. Click on Locate Now next to the applicable mobile user, or

WAP - Go to on your WAP-enabled mobile phone. Select the Find and Locate menu and then the Vodacom Look 4 me menu where you will see an option to Find someone.

Vodacom Look 4 me™ will allow you to locate a maximum of 10 different mobile users.

NOTE: You are automatically added as a Locator and Locatee to your account when you register for the service. You will not, however, be counted as one of the ten people that you can locate.

Only Vodacom mobile numbers can be located, provided the user has given consent.

He/she will receive a SMS request to which he/she must reply with the word LOCATE.

Vodacom Look 4 me™ relies on the cellular network to locate a phone. If the phone is switched off or is out of network coverage, you will not be able to find its current location. Vodacom Look 4 me™ will inform you of this and return the last location that it registered (if available) together with the date, time and accuracy. NOTE: If the phone has not been switched on for more than 2 days, the network may not have location information.

Yes. Mobile users can choose not to be located at any time. To remove yourself permanently from being located by one Locator SMS CANCEL followed by his/her mobile number to 31888. To temporarily suspend a person's location rights, go to www.Vodacom Look 4 and login using your mobile number and Internet PIN. You will be presented with a list of Locators with an option to Suspend any / all of them until further notice.

If someone has cancelled your location rights you will receive a SMS notification.

No. This service operates across all mobile phones, regardless of make, model or age.

However, to make use of the WAP or USSD interfaces available for Vodacom Look 4 me™, your phone will need to be WAP-enabled or USSD-compatible.

The ability to locate a mobile number is dependent on the network coverage of the cellular provider, so the greater the density of the network's masts, the greater the accuracy of the location. In urban areas, ie: Sandton, the accuracy can be down to 70m. In rural areas, ie: the Karoo, the accuracy may be 10km.

Yes, but users of Twincall must register both mobile numbers for Vodacom Look 4 me™ in order to locate mobile users with either number.

Once a location is done. On the page where the map is displayed .There is a link next to Location Information at the top. Or in the location history click on the location and next to the map will be 2 Google map links.

All you need to do is SMS the word STOP to 31888.